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Body Corp Refurbishments

Given the strong heritage of South East Queensland’s major areas and the ever-increasing cost of building, refurbishments are high on the list for ABnc. Experienced project management and installation teams enable us to transform apartment blocks and truly add value.

Commercial Metalworks

Have a project with multiple metalwork items and want a single point of contact who can sort it all out for you? Look no further – ABnc can tailor a metalworks package for your commercial project that includes a single contract for all your product needs.

Design Consultation

Do you have an idea but are struggling to turn the concept into reality? Want to know what extrusions are readily available? Need to value manage a design, but keep the same intent? ABnc's design consultation service is for you.

Quantity Surveying

ABnc provides a fully scoped and marked up set of plans with every quotation given. We can also provide a service for those who are preparing tender documents and require a BOQ for the project.

CNC Routing

ABnc now has the ability to offer CNC routing to other businesses.

Please contact us for further information.


Sandblasting is one of most effective ways to shape or strip and smooth a surface of any foreign material. The sandblasting process uses compressed air to "blast" fine sand or other very abrasive, high grit materials through a nozzle at an object desired to be sandblasted. These abrasive materials quickly remove the surface of the object, leaving a smooth clean surface to work with.

Press Brake Service

Using our new Hydraulic NC Pressbrake, ABNC are now able to offer precision metalwork bending capabilities.

Guillotine Service

At ABNC we specialise in high precision metal work. As part of the services available to our metalworks customers ABNC now offer a full guillotine service using our Hydraulic NC Guillotine.

Our new state of the art equipment features a 3100mm x 6mm cutting capacity and uses a 7.5kW / 10hp 415V motor to ensure the very best results. The quick action blade clearance adjustment shears material 1 - 6mm, whilst the hydraulic material clamping system gives us 100% accuracy.

Dot Peen Marking

Dot peen (Metal Marking & Engraving System) marking technology ensures 100% reliable part traceability in the metalwork manufacturing industry. Placing high quality legible and accurate marks on your products consistently and quickly, such as text, logos, and data codes, eliminates the need for rework, waste, or testing due to improper product identification. 

3D Scanning

We now have our own Faro Laser scanner which will help us to speed up the gap between design and manufacture.

3D scanning facility

3D Printing

We now have 3D printing capabilities, which helps us to physically see design concepts before we spend time and effort manufacturing full scale prototypes.

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